Drush Commandline Tool 9.4-dev-g947591fa

Run `drush help [command]` to view command-specific help.  Run `drush topic` to read even more documentation.

 Available commands:                                                       
   help                   Display usage details for a command.             
   list                   List available commands.                         
   generate (gen)         Generate boilerplate code for                    
                          modules/plugins/services etc.                    
   browse                 Display a link to a given path or open link in a 
   runserver (rs, serve)  Runs PHP's built-in http server for development. 
   updatedb (updb)        Apply any database updates required (as with     
                          running update.php).                             
   version                Show Drush version.                              
   config:pull (cpull)    Export and transfer config from one environment  
                          to another.                                      
   user:login (uli)       Display a one time login link for user ID 1, or  
                          another user.                                    
   entity:updates (entup) Apply pending entity schema updates.             
   updatedb:status        List any pending database updates.               
   drupal:directory (dd)  Return the filesystem path for modules/themes    
                          and other key folders.                           
   pm:security (sec)      Check Drupal Composer packages for pending       
                          security updates.                                
   cache:get (cg)         Fetch a cached object and display it.            
   cache:clear (cc)       Clear a specific cache, or all Drupal caches.    
   cache:set (cs)         Cache an object expressed in JSON or             
                          var_export() format.                             
   cache:rebuild (cr,     Rebuild a Drupal 8 site.                         
   core:status (status,   An overview of the environment - Drush and       
 st)                      Drupal.                                          
   core:edit (conf,       Edit drushrc, site alias, and Drupal             
 config)                  settings.php files.                              
   core:execute (exec,    Execute a shell command. Usually used with a     
 execute)                 site alias.                                      
   core:topic (topic)     Read detailed documentation on a given topic.    
   core:init (init)       Enrich the bash startup file with bash aliases   
                          and a smart command prompt.                      
   core:rsync (rsync)     Rsync Drupal code or files to/from another       
                          server using ssh.                                
   php:eval (eval, ev)    Evaluate arbitrary php code after bootstrapping  
                          Drupal (if available).                           
   php:script (scr)       Run php a script after a full Drupal bootstrap.  
   site:set (use)         Set a site alias that will persist for the       
                          current session.                                 
   site:alias (sa)        Show site alias details, or a list of available  
                          site aliases.                                    
   site:alias-convert     Convert legacy site alias files to the new yml   
 (sa-convert, sac)        format.                                          
   site:install (si, sin) Install Drupal along with                        
   site:ssh (ssh)         Connect to a Drupal site's server via SSH.       
   sql:sync               Copy DB data from a source site to a target      
                          site. Transfers data via rsync.                  
   sql:connect            A string for connecting to the DB.               
   sql:create             Create a database.                               
   sql:drop               Drop all tables in a given database.             
   sql:cli (sqlc)         Open a SQL command-line interface using Drupal's 
   sql:query (sqlq)       Execute a query against a database.              
   sql:dump               Exports the Drupal DB as SQL using mysqldump or